Slavia Prague take on the Scottish league champions, Rangers, on Thursday evening with both teams setting there sights on the next round of the Europa League . The Czech Champions go into the match needing to score as the tie sits at a 1-1 stalemate, meaning Slavia need to score in the tie. In the first leg Nico Stanciu gave the Czech side the lead up until the 37th minute when Helander poked in from a free kick.

Nicolae Stanciu

The Romanian , who joined in 2019, is enjoying possibly one of his best seasons this year with nine goals and six assists to his name, he has been a key playmaker for Jindrich Trpisovsky and The Red and White’s. In Slavia’s last three games he has scored in all of them with one goal being a stellar freekick from outside the box . His main asset is that his movement to create space , he can easily drag multiple defenders with him which usually open’s up areas for Olayinka and Kuchta to move into and have a shooting opportunity. Also from outside the box he is lethal , his ability to curl a ball directly into a corner is special and if Slavia want to progress further in this tournament he will be a key man in this upcoming fixture.

The Goal Scorers

Firstly Jan Kuchta , the joint top goal scorer for Slavia , doesn’t create a lot of opportunities but he is always there. On nearly every attack and counter attack expect him to be amongst things , his drive to move into open space to create pockets for his wingers is the best on the side . Even though he has got 11 goals to his name he has vital for other players to boost up their statistics and sometimes give Slavia the win.

Abdallah Sima , the shining star of this team , brings so much energy in attacks which caused Barasic to have very hard time trying to keep up with him and if they really want the win they will play the ball to the young 19 year old . The Senegalese native made his first team debut against Slovaco in a six minute cameo appearance but slowly showcased his talents which gained him a starting 11 spot. With four goals so far in the Europa expect him to step up in the 2nd leg , after all he did score the game ending goal against Leicester City.

Never Give Up

In a lot of Slavia’s Europa League games this season they have always seemed to end up drawing in the games but seemingly find a fire underneath them especially in the two games against OGC Nice . If you look specifically at the games against Leicester in the first leg , they were resilient , they held up well and did well not to concede a goal , in the second leg though they really came out of their shells . I think the strategy that they played was huge , away goals in these European competitions make all the difference, so for them to come out in the second leg and take the game to the foxes proved that they have the mentality and physical capabilities to win against huge teams.

Hopes and Predictions

Going away to the Ibrox is tough but they have shown this season that they are capable of going away from home and getting results , in the back of my head they will do it . My prediction is that Rangers get a goal within the first 10 minutes but this will just setup a miraculous comeback , they will get the away goal from a Jan Kuchta header . Then in the 75th minute the 17 year old Dennis Visinsky comes on and gets the winner , he will still have the momentum from the 10 -3 cup win and what a way to write your name in Slavia history

Don’t take this prediction as gospel , I’m sure that Rangers have got the team and mental capability to ride out the game comfortably but I have hope for Slavia and wish they go through.

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